Petts Wood and Orpington Chess Club


When we meet

The junior section starts at 6.30pm with a puzzle and short talk for the early arrivals. From 6.45pm we provide coaching at three levels: beginners; intermediate; and advanced, in separate rooms. All of our coaches are volunteers, most of them strong players. From around 7.15pm the juniors play each other or in a tournament which currently has 50 players.


Upon arrival, parents complete a registration form. The first evening is free. Please see our membership page for further details.

Getting started

For absolute beginners a full game of chess can be a bit daunting. There are games like pawn capture that are good to start off with. Once they know the moves and can play a full game, they can really enjoy competing in a tournament. By the end of a few rounds they are generally paired with players of similar strength. They learn quickly from playing and those who also play regularly with a parent generally progress fastest.


Some books to get started with:

The first one is a great book to use as a parent to understand how to teach children the principles of chess in bite-size chunks. You may find them in a public library or at a bookshop.


Some websites with information about junior chess:

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